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You Should Read - Apr 28

You Should Read - Apr 28

Just One Thing

I thought I wasn't familiar with Stellan Skarsgård until he showed up in Andor. His Luthen Rael is amazing. I keep meaning to watch Chernobyl. This interview from 2020 (pre-Andor) is terrific and long. His commentary on franchise movies and developments in the business of movies and television and streaming are insightful, given his long history making film.

Collected Ephemera

Fortune ‘We May Be Looking at the End of Capitalism’: One of the world’s oldest and largest investment banks warns ‘Greedflation’ has gone too far
Yes, it's true. The far-left revolutionary journal Fortune is advocating for price controls.

Byline Times Musk’s Twitter Buy Makes No Sense – Unless It’s Part of Something Bigger: Brexit and Trump were initially seen as jokes, but the new owner of the social media giant could pose a serious threat to democracy – and a boon for Vladimir Putin, writes David Troy
It's a small thing, but I'm so sad to see belong.io has had to shut down as a consequence of Twitter cutting off the API. It had been such a good source of links for me. A small example of what's been lost in Twitter's destruction.

Phys.org Analysis Finds Hate Speech Has Significantly Increased on Twitter
There's data to backup what's become conventional wisdom.

New Wall Street $6M for Personal Security, $200m Total Comp for Google CEO in 2022 Amid 12,000 Layoffs

The Solute Attention Must Be Paid: Will Lee
If you are of a certain age, you will better know Will Lee as Mr. Hooper, the neighborhood grocer on Sesame Street. But, I'll bet you didn't know he was blacklisted for refusing to testify before HUAC.

Truestory Design Vintage U.S. Military Insignia
I collected unit insignia as a kid, starting during the year my family lived in Belgium. I got more from my cousin when he served in the US Army. One of the early trading card series I published on Neonmob was "Battle Colors".

Washington Post There’s an Invisible World on Your Commute. Here’s How to See It.
An overview of four nature identification apps, including Merlin, which I recently started using for bird identification. It's like real-life Pokémon GO.

Voter Study Group Political Divisions in 2016 and Beyond: Tensions Between and Within the Two Parties

PRINT The New Pepsi Logo Proves the Mass Appeal of Nostalgic Rebrands

Tor.com “A Critical Division of Starfleet Intelligence”: Section 31 and the Normalization of the Security State

The Conversation A Shortage of Native Seeds Is Slowing Land Restoration Across the US, Which Is Crucial for Tackling Climate Change and Extinctions

Ian Visits The Museum of Neoliberalism

Salon "After Trump Comes Others": Author Jeff Sharlet Explains Why "Neofascists Are Not Going to Stop": "It's worse post-Trump than it was during Trump's presidency"

The Conversation AI Will Increase Inequality and Raise Tough Questions About Humanity, Economists Warn

UnHerd Is Rojava a Socialist Utopia?: The Syrian polity was built on a web of contradictions

The Wabbit Hole

Selections from my Wikipedia searches this week.

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