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You should read - Apr 29

What a week. And its not even over as I write this on Thursday...

Just One Thing

"Impose your personal sanctions"
Rubargo is an app that lets you look up which companies have yet to disentangle themselves from Russia. Handy UPC scanner for on-the-go boycotting.

Collected Ephemera

Type Scales

If you've ever wondered why the choices of font sizes in many applications are so seemingly random, those sizes are a type scale. There are different approaches to creating a scale, but all use a mathematical formula to attempt to create meaningful differences in type size that work harmoniously together. For instance, the Google Slides scale is: 12, 14, 18, 24, 30, 36,  48... Strangely, or perhaps not, the default Google Slides template does not use this scale.

I had difficulty finding the scale in Keynote, but it is there, hidden in the mostly unused Fonts window, not the type formatting panel. Before I stumbled across it, I started down the type scale rabbit hole and found some great resources for learning more.

I'm Giving Mastodon A Go

An industrialist might soon purchase Twitter, Inc. His substantial success launching reusable spaceships does nothing to prepare him for the challenge of building social spaces. The latter calls on every liberal art at once, while the former is just rocket science.

- Robin Sloan, The lost thread

It's usually Facebook that makes me start looking for new social media alternatives. Now it's Twitter's turn, with Elon Musk's kinda unbelievable takeover of the company.

Mastodon is a distributed ("federated" is their term) social network. It shares some surface similarities with Twitter, but it's something of an uncanny valley resemblance. I'm still trying to get my arms around it. As with every time I, or anyone, attempts to break away from their existing networks, the chore of rebuilding connections is a steep climb.

Yes, its highly likely that I will not develop a Mastodon habit and my use of the service will be short lived. We'll see. But I do think this will wean me from both Twitter and Facebook, generally. And, maybe, focus more on making weekly posts, here. Move slow and make things.

My Mastodon address is @ToddWalker@mastodon.social.

And, apropos of nothing...

Metta for Wynn Bruce