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You Should Read - August 26

You Should Read - August 26

Busy week, fewer links than usual. Plus, I'm trying to get away from things that are simply relaying news.

Silicon Valley Shenanigans

Salon Understanding “Longtermism”; Why This Suddenly Influential Philosophy Is So Toxic: Whatever we may “owe the future,” it isn’t a bizarre and dangerous ideology fueled by eugenics and capitalism

Protocol Move Over, Silicon Valley. Engineers Are Quitting for Climate Tech: In search of more excitement, purpose and impact, engineers and top talent from big tech companies like Apple and Google are quitting their jobs to join climate tech startups.

SFGate Sanas, the Buzzy Silicon Valley Startup That Wants to Make the World Sound Whiter

Forbes Agile Is Getting Us Nowhere Fast: Agile methodologies have become the default mode for innovation. But are they always the best choice for launching human-centered customer experiences?

Collected Ephemera

The New Yorker When W. E. B. Du Bois Made a Laughingstock of a White Supremacist (paywall)

Dicebreaker Transformation Is a Cronenberg-esque Solo RPG About Becoming a Monster

Dicebreaker This Weird Tabletop RPG Was Inspired by Adventure Time and Samurai Jack

Collider From ‘Rocky and Bullwinkle’ to ‘Animaniacs’: What Happened to Saturday Morning Cartoons? Saturday morning cartoons were the ritual of generations of children, until they weren’t.

UX Design.cc Not on the Same Page? How the Concept of “Thought Levels” Can Improve Collaboration

NBC News A Mom’s Campaign to Ban Library Books Divided a Texas Town — and Her Own Family

SocialWarming The Approaching Tsunami of Addictive AI-Created Content Will Overwhelm Us
There was a lot of gnashing of teeth last week amongst the design community when Charlie Warzel used an AI illustration for his Atlantic newsletter. I've used AI illustrations to create Magic the Gathering proxy cards. Currently, AI illustration has a very specific look. But it won't stay that way for long.