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You Should Read - Jan 13

You Should Read - Jan 13

Collected Ephemera

TeenVogue Goddard College: The History of a Self-Sufficient, Anti-Fascist Institution
--> Interesting disclaimer added post-publication.

PsyPost Working Fewer Hours Is Associated With Higher Life Satisfaction, According to New Research

Satyagraha Foundation Bart de Ligt (1883-1938): Non-Violent Anarcho-Pacifist

Bart de Ligt The Effectiveness of Non-Violent Struggle

The New Republic The Idiot Dream of the Unity Speaker: McCarthy’s epic struggle briefly gave the punditocracy a chance to indulge in one of its most persistent—and persistently stupid—fantasias.

"White Noise" end credits scene.

The Wabbit Hole

Selections from my Wikipedia searches in the past week...

White Noise (2022 film) | flat tax | Valero Energy | LimeWire | mutual aid (organizational theory) | Talking Cricket | personalism | Partisan Review | The Paris Review | Huangbo Xiyun | scientific skepticism | inedia | glassine | Three Amigos | Alfonso Arau