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You Should Read - July 29

You Should Read - July 29

Just One Thing

Molly White Stop saying “They shouldn’t have invested more than they could afford to lose.”

Crypto is supposedly the way for the little guy, the non-millionaire, to have access to all those lucrative investment opportunities enjoyed by the rich folks and Wall Street suits. And those who don’t engage with it? Well, they can “have fun staying poor”. They’re “not going to make it”.

So “don’t invest more than you can afford to lose” is tough advice to swallow for the large group of people who are seeing the gleaming promises around crypto, but who also don’t have money they can afford to lose.

Crypto shares a common root with other schemes by the haves—it preys on the unfounded hopes amongst the have-nots.

Those That Work Forces

Injustice Watch Cops Around The Country Are Posting Racist And Violent Comments On Facebook

Jacobin Police Departments Spend Vast Sums of Money Creating “Copaganda”

Salon Why won't Republicans investigate white supremacists in uniform? We know why

Politico He Calls Himself the ‘American Sheriff.’ Whose Law Is He Following?

StackExchange What is the meaning of the phrase "that work forces" in Rage Against the Machine song Killing In The Name Of?

Collected Ephemera

Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research The Great Resistance: Getting employees back to the office

More than 40 percent of managers are ignoring employees refusing to come in as many days as requested. Many of them have quietly confided to me if their employees are getting their jobs done, they are not enforcing aggressive return-to-the-office policies. Indeed, many managers themselves do not even support these policies, arguing they can work effectively coming in two or three days a week, ignoring the subversion when employees work extra days from home. This passive resistance to the full office return is surprisingly common.

Screen Rant THAC0 – Explaining Dungeons & Dragons’ Stupidest Rule

GE GE Unveils New Brand Names For Three Planned Future Public Companies
I was not aware that GE planned to break up. It's not necessarily surprising, but this is a pretty strange plan, with one of the three companies retaining ownership of the GE brand and licensing back to the other two. I worked on a lot of GE websites in the early dotcom days and the new corporate fonts are a jarring departure from a heavy-handed implementation of Univers. Related: search "jack welch legacy"

Crooked Timber Would we be better off without corporations? (Spoiler: mostly, yes.)

Never Leave Fighting Through Climate Despair Extreme weather caused by climate change is intensifying. But the only thing that guarantees it gets worse is giving up the fight.

Aeon Wars are won by people willing to fight for comrade and cause

Vulture I’m a VFX Artist, and I’m Tired of Getting ‘Pixel-F–ked’ by Marvel
Makes Taika Waititi's recent mockery of Thor VFX sound even more tone deaf.

Price Charting 300% Increase in Boob Size on Comic Book Cover Art
The study only considered Wonder Woman, Red Sonja, and Catwoman covers from the past 40 years. While the results are not necessarily representative, they're not all that surprising, either. Dimensions do seem to be regressing to the mean over the past decade. (Not that the mean was ever a realistic representation, though.)

BBC Princess Mononoke: The masterpiece that flummoxed the US

Tor.com “I’d rather be a pig than a fascist.” Revisiting Ghibli’s Porco Rosso 30 Years Later

Buddhist Studies Podcast Interview with Dr. Stephen Jenkins Understanding the Role of Compassion in Buddhism
Jenkins claims that much of the modern thinking around compassion (and non-violence) in Buddhism are the result of "the pizza effect"—Western concepts absorbed into Asian traditions and then reprojected to the West as foundational thinking. Not sure how widely that's accepted, but a fascinating interview.