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You Should Read - July 8

You Should Read - July 8

Just One Thing

The Living New Deal catalogs more than 17,000 projects in the United States created as a result of The New Deal. Their map lets you look up projects by location, category (archeology, art, civic facilities, education and health, government, forestry, etc), or by agency responsible. For example, my junior high in rural Colorado - Smiley Junior High School - was built using New Deal funds from the Works Projects Administration.

Collected Ephemera

Enough Talk. Take Action.

Postcards to Voters is a good way for introverts like me to help make a difference outside my own solidly-Blue district. Spend a few minutes each day writing registered Democrats about their local elections and encouraging them to vote. There are many places where a small shift in voter turnout can make a big difference. And we need every win we can get.