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You Should Read - Oct 7

You Should Read - Oct 7

Just links this week.

Collected Ephemera

CNBC Unrelenting Inflation Is Taking a Toll, Leaving More Americans Living Paycheck to Paycheck
Of course, CNBC’s main takeaway is “The rise has been sharpest for higher earners, the report found.” Oh, won't someone think of the upper middle class!?

Common Dreams As Fed Pushes to ‘Get Wages Down,’ Study Shows CEO Pay Has Soared by 1,460% Since 1978: Ordinary workers, by contrast, saw their pay rise just 18.1% in the 43 years between 1978 and 2021, a new analysis finds.

Washington Post Why This 1992 Personal Finance Book Still Has a Cult Following
I have a knot of friends who occasionally reference FIRE (Financially Independent, Retire Early). I didn't realize that movement could be traced back to Your Money or Your Life, which has a more left-leaning perspective than you'd expect in a personal finance best seller. Of course, that aspect appears to have been conveniently forgotten by FIRE adherents...

Bloomberg Would You Invest $10,000 in a Friend’s Startup? Are You Friends If You Don’t?: In Silicon Valley, angel investing has become a key form of social currency.

UX Collective Tools Not Rules: Intelligent Creativity is transforming how we create and use brand systems

The Inquirer When Your College Dorm Is a Walmart Parking Lot, the American Dream Is Broken: For thousands in California, back-to-college in 2022 means sleeping in your car or couch-hopping to survive. What are we doing here, America?

Core 77 A Piggy Bank to Keep Track of Good or Bad Habits

The Revelator How Cities Are Preparing for the ‘Silent Killer’ of Extreme Heat: New solutions are being tested to combat health risks from heat waves, particularly in urban “heat islands.”

This is Colossal A 500-Page Book Explores the Japanese Folkloric Tradition of the Supernatural 'Yōkai' Entities

Katy DeCorah A Zoom of One's Own

On video calls, I receive a lot of compliments about my plant wall. Before the pandemic, people asked if my background is real live plants, and now they ask if it’s virtual.
It’s not virtual, it’s IKEA. It’s not live, it’s plastic.

Esquire The Saudis Keep Picking Sides, and It Never Seems to Be Ours: Cutting oil production in November helps the Russians and does us no favors.

Engadget White House Unveils Its ‘Blueprint’ for an AI Bill of Rights: The document would help guide the design of future AI systems to safeguard the rights of the American public.
Does it open with Asimov's Three Laws?

BBC Why Gen Zers are Growing Up Sober Curious: A complex combination of outside pressures and information overload is driving young people to snub alcohol, far more than generations before them.