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You Should Read - Oct 2

You Should Read - Oct 2

Just One Thing

Collected Ephemera

It's Nice That I’m a Fake Brand, in a Fake World: The secrets behind designing a great fictional brand for TV and film

Art Forum Station to Station: David Platzker on the art of Ed Ruscha

New Y0rk Magazine Twitter Is Just a Guy Now
Last week I finally deleted my Twitter account. It's sad what Musk and money has done to a once-great community and resource. And it's happening to Reddit, now, too.

The Messenger ‘Native Shitposter’ Fetterman Breaks Right-Wing Brains: The Pennsylvania senator survived a stroke, rocks hoodies on the Senate floor and now faces a doppelgänger conspiracy theory

48 Hills Public Power for All of Northern California? After Fires, the Framework Is in Place: Report to LAFCO cites a little-known state agency that has the authority to seize PG&E’s assets and let every community decide its energy future.

Restorative Faith Departure: Why I Left the Church

Futurism Sam Altman Says He Intends to Replace Normal People With AI: “Comparing AI to even the idea of median or average humans is a bit offensive.”

LitHub Why Human Writing Is Worth Defending In the Age of ChatGPT: Naomi S. Baron on the Detrimental Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Literacy and Cognition

CNBC Retailers Say Organized Theft Is Biting Into Profits, but Internal Issues May Really Be to Blame

The Ringer Reddit Is No Longer the “Weird” Social Media. It’s Also Not Quite Normal: There’s the Reddit of ‘Dumb Money’ that prompted a major fiasco in the finance industry, and then there’s the Reddit of celebrity AMAs and refining your pedestrian Google searches. On today’s Reddit, you can have both.

LA Times Opinion: Why Do I Hoard More Books Than I Could Possibly Read? An Investigation

Politico The Crisis Over American Manhood Is Really Code for Something Else: Male malaise in the United States goes back to the founders, and it is a preoccupation of elites in particular. They might teach us something about this current wave of manliness panic.

The Verge The End of the Googleverse: For two decades, Google Search was the invisible force that determined the ebb and flow of online content. Now, for the first time, its cultural relevance is in question.
I switched to DuckDuckGo several years ago and can't recall the last time I deliberately used Google for search.

Shillington Education 50 Best Design Blogs You Have To Read (2023 Update)

A Slow-Moving Putsch

AR Moxon You’ve Persuaded Us Already: When it comes to the idea that conservatism has embraced fascism and supremacy, nobody is more persuasive than conservatives themselves. An essay on bullies and the margins of permission in the USA.

Alternet Libertarianism and Why Republicans Embrace Cruelty

New York Magazine “Trump Wants His Enemies to Fear for Their Lives”: Last Friday, the Republican Party’s presidential front-runner suggested that America’s top general deserves to die.

The Guardian ‘We’re facing another old enemy’: Rushdie warns against global authoritarianism: Speaking in Philadelphia on Wednesday, Rushdie says US Republicans are moving away from democratic values including free speech

Politico ‘No Defensible Argument’: Anger Boils Over at CEO Pay: The historic UAW strike puts an exclamation point on more than a decade of efforts by Washington lawmakers to narrow the pay gap between top executives and workers.

The Wabbit Hole

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Small Acts of Insurrection

Remember that the frontier of the Rebellion is everywhere. And even the smallest act of insurrection pushes our lines forward.

Jacobin UAW President Shawn Fain Is Showing How to Build Working-Class Struggle: Shawn Fain, the firebrand president of the UAW, is modeling exactly the kind of labor leader we need right now: one who boldly names the billionaire class as the enemy — and galvanizes workers themselves to fight back.

Democracy Docket A Blue Texas Is in Reach

Politico She’s 25, Idealistic, and Believes She Has the Formula to Win North Carolina for Joe Biden: The state’s Democratic Party chair is organizing youth and rural voters, and people have noticed: “They know she’s fighting for them.”