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You Should Read - Sept 16

You Should Read - Sept 16

Just One Thing

Fast Company Patagonia Reinvents Itself Again: ‘We’re Making Earth Our Only Shareholder’: The Chouinard family has fundamentally changed the company’s ownership structure to ensure its legacy and step up its fight against the climate crisis.

Simultaneously a powerful move by Patagonia and a small gesture in the grand scheme of things. I've long admired the way they walk their talk. (Some discussion of the tax avoidance aspects of the change in corporate structure.)

Republicanism I Can Get Behind

The Guardian ‘King Charles Is a Different Kettle of Fish’: Britain’s Republicans Believe Their Time Will Come: Since the Queen’s death, support for ending the monarchy and a desire to debate its relevance have both grown stronger.

VICE People Are Being Arrested in the UK for Protesting Against the Monarchy: A 22-year-old woman will face charges for holding up a sign that said “fuck imperialism,” while a man was handcuffed and placed in the back of a police van for asking who elected King Charles III.

The Guardian Being a Republican in Britain Used to Be Perfectly Respectable. So Why Are People Now Getting Arrested for It?: Over the years, the conversation has been steadily closed down so that you can no longer voice anything but adoration.

Mother Jones People Are Telling the Queen to “Rest in Power.” Let’s Not Do That.

The Conversation Why Do We Mourn People We Don’t Know?

Collected Ephemera

An eerie AI-generated photo of World War I trench warfare, complete with an attempt at a Getty Images watermark. Also clearly somewhat confused about WWI vs WWII helmet design.  (Reddit)

Grazia I Gave My Whole Team August Off – Here’s What I Learned

Too often, workplaces forget that everyone has a life outside their job roles, and life takes time and space to manage. Too many people work a 60-hour week, have additional caring responsibilities, and want to maintain a social life with relationships but are wholly exhausted from work by the evening or weekend.
We have found that, by investing in staff and giving them a proper holiday, rest time and respecting their need for time off hasn't made us less productive, but more so. We have better ideas. We're better at maintaining relationships, are happier in our work and are more balanced because we have a life outside of what we do.

The Verge Welcome to the new Verge
The original Verge site design ushered in the era of card-based webpage design. This new design moves away from full-window, slideshow-like content to a more bite-sized, modular approach. I feel like this design will be just as influential as the original.

The newly redesigned Verge homepage

Lotte Meijer [Pirate] Broadcast Your Podcast: BYP enables and encourages podcasters to break out of the net and into local radio space.

Houston Chronicle Yes, Texans Actually Pay More in Taxes Than Californians Do: While ITEP's findings were compiled from 2018 data, one expert says not much has changed in Texas over the last four years.

Pew Research Center Modeling the Future of Religion in America: If recent trends in religious switching continue, Christians could make up less than half of the U.S. population within a few decades.

Opoulos Sim Nimby: Good luck getting anything built in Sim Nimby (you're going to need it). Support new development, affordable housing, more equitable living, etc.