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You Should Read - Oct 28

You Should Read - Oct 28

Just One Thing

Smokey The Bear Sutra by Gary Snyder

And he will protect those who love woods and rivers, Gods and animals, hobos and madmen, prisoners and sick people, musicians, playful women, and hopeful children.

And if anyone is threatened by advertising, air pollution, television, or the police, they should chant SMOKEY THE BEAR'S WAR SPELL:


And SMOKEY THE BEAR will surely appear to put the enemy out with his vajra-shovel.

Collected Ephemera

Gizmodo Facebook Segments Ads by Race and Age Based on Photos Whether Advertisers Want It or Not, Study Says: Ads with teenage girls are mostly directed at men over 55, while white people see fewer ads with Black faces, a new study finds.

The Tycoonist Crypto Affinity Fraud is Devastating Minority Communities in 2022: Cryptocurrency ownership is far higher among U.S. black, Asian, and Hispanic investors – an ominous sign for leveling the playing field.

Bloomberg Crypto Collapse Threatens to Leave Black, Hispanic Investors Further Behind: The rout in digital assets may exacerbate inequities in financial markets.

It's Nice That Mike Tully Explores the Ways in Which Graphic Design Can Serve Different Communities: The New York-based designer takes a conceptual approach to “reconsider” what design can be.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency The Nazi History of Adidas, the Sportswear Giant That Took Weeks to Drop Kanye West Over Anti-semitism

A Working Library No One Is “Non-Technical”

When we talk about the makeup of our teams, there’s often an impulse to break people down into “technical” and “non-technical” roles, as code for “engineers” and “everyone else.” The latter comes up often when discussing internal tools or systems, which by definition have to be accessible to those “non-technical” folks... I’ve even used the “non-technical” language myself, bemoaning the lack of a better alternative. But that right there should have been a tell: there’s no suitable synonym because the concept is a fiction. There’s no such thing as a “non-technical” role; there are only different techniques.

Slow Roads a casual, procedurally-generated driving game which lets you disconnect from life for awhile and run endlessly towards the distant horizon.

Standards Manual QSL? (Do You Confirm Receipt of My Transmission?)