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You Should Read - Nov 4

You Should Read - Nov 4

Just One Thing

Tricycle Against Perfectionism (or How to Enjoy Being a Fuck-Up)

Try and imagine that headline in Christianity Today. Buddhism really is something different.

Some years ago, a therapist pressed me to reconsider my perfectionism and how it was impacting my depression. I was long in the thrall of Apple-worship and pushed back hard. But I came around eventually. It's made a big difference on my mental health in the last few years.

The Twit-pocalypse

Adios, Twitter

The Verge Welcome to Hell, Elon

Washington Post Racist Tweets Quickly Surface After Musk Closes Twitter Deal (paywall)

LAist Elon Musk Said Twitter Wouldn’t Become A ‘Hellscape.’ It’s Already Changing

Ars Technica Twitter Restricts Staff From Policing Content Violations Ahead of US Midterms: Instead of hundreds of employees enforcing violations, there are now about 15.

Politico Musk’s Twitter: ‘This Is Exactly What Many of Us Were Worried About’: With a new CEO tweeting a conspiracy theory about Paul Pelosi, Democrats wring their hands about the platform — but find nowhere else to go.

Moi, Mastodon

I'm in the process of moving to Mastodon - @ToddWalker@mastodon.social - while flirting with the idea that maybe I don't need to replace Twitter at all, just walk away. For awhile now, I've found Reddit a much more useful and friendly community platform.

Collected Ephemera

Wonkette We Wish We Were Half As Fierce As This Tennessee Mom Throwing Out The Homophobic Christian Trash

Jacobin There Is No Leftist Case for Crypto: Review of "Proof of Stake: The Making of Ethereum and the Philosophy of Blockchains" by Vitalik Buterin

I know there is anarchist interest in DAOs and such, but in the end, the whole space is being co-opted by an-caps and far-right libertarians intent on burning everything down for their own selfish ends. Don't be a useful idiot.

The Intercept Here’s How Much Money You’ve Lost If You Took Matt Damon’s Crypto Advice One Year Ago

The Telegraph Famous Mondrian Painting Hung Upside Down for 75 Years Before Anyone Noticed: A series of clues led curators to realize that the artwork has been wrongly displayed to the public since 1945

Esquire The Only Appropriate Response to a Hammer Attack is Horror and Compassion: But given the chance, the Right has decided, no, those really aren't for us, thanks.

Politico Where Will This Political Violence Lead? Look to the 1850s: In the mid-19th century, a pro-slavery minority — encouraged by lawmakers — used violence to stifle a growing anti-slavery majority. It wasn’t long before the other side embraced force as a necessary response.

If you're interested in pre-Civil War resistance to slavery, the Showtime series The Good Lord Bird is outstanding,  and under-appreciated.

ProPublica Churches Are Breaking the Law by Endorsing in Elections, Experts Say. The IRS Looks the Other Way.

At the end of the article, you can submit first-hand examples of churches crossing the line... ProPublica and The Texas Tribune want to understand how the Johnson Amendment is enforced — or isn’t. Please send us examples of any political activity you see at churches or other religious institutions, and we’ll look into whether or not it breaks the rules. We want to hear about examples across the political spectrum.

CA Governor's Office Exxon and Chevron Made Record Profits as Gas Price Gouging Hit Californians: Gov. Newsom proposed a price gouging penalty that will put windfall oil company profits back in the pockets of Californians.

Kotaku You’re Going To Have To Pay To Use Some Fancy Colors In Photoshop Now: Due to a change in how Adobe licenses Pantone colors, old PSD files could start being filled in black

Or, use FREETONE...

FREETONE replacement for the subscription-only PANTONE palette.