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You Should Read - Feb 24

You Should Read - Feb 24

Just One Thing

Time Extension The Mystery Of NES 'Twin Peaks' Solved, Almost Thirty Years Later: Hi-Tech producer reveals the fate of 8-bit Laura Palmer

Welcome to Twin Peaks Black Lodge, A Real Twin Peaks Video Game: The Black Lodge is an Atari 2600-style action game for PC and Mac, created by Jak Locke as a love letter to both retro gaming and Twin Peaks.

Purely coincidental, but my wife and I honeymooned at Salish Lodge, the real world set for Twin Peaks's Great Northern Hotel.

Collected Ephemera

Jacobin Abraham Lincoln Is a Hero of the Left: From Karl Marx to Eugene Debs to 1930s American Communists, leftists have regarded Lincoln as a pro-labor hero who played a crucial role in vanquishing chattel slavery. We should celebrate him today as part of the great radical democratic tradition.

Better Bioeconomy The Rise of Plant-Based Meat and Its Environmental Impact
⇒ My grandpa was a rancher. He gave us a side of beef every year for Christmas. I grew up on beef. Hands down, my favorite burger is an Impossible Burger from a local place called The Melt. OMG, sooooo good.

The Hill Building AI With Democratic Values Starts With Defining Our Own

Rolling Stone The Christian Nationalist Machine Turning Hate Into Law: The National Association of Christian Lawmakers is enacting its "biblical worldview," one state legislature at a time

Creative Boom Let's Stop Making Design Festivals for Designers and Make Creativity Available to Everyone: It's no secret that many design festivals are curated and organized by designers for designers these days. But does that give them the edge? Or could there be an alternative, perhaps better approach that considers a wider audience?

Frontier The Neverending Story: A love letter to Wikipedia

McSweeney's In Order to Keep Our Editorial Page Completely Balanced, We Are Hiring More Dipshits
⇒ from 2018, but coulda been yesterday.

Mercury News Book-Banning Talk Heats Up in Bay Area School District
⇒ This is a district just south of me where a fascist wound up on the school board due to dark money dirty tricks in last year's election. His fellow travelers in my kids' district continue to haunt board meetings with similar ranting about "the woke agenda".

Gizmodo 3,400,000 Times That Tesla Had to Recall a Car Since 2018: Tesla's recall this week is the latest in a long string of overhauls. Let's recall Elon Musk's many other massive recalls.

Politico Qualified Immunity Is Burning a Hole in the Constitution: Police officers’ go-to defense against civil suits allows them to violate the Constitution with impunity.

The Guardian Police Spy Unit Caused ‘Outrage and Pain’ as It Infiltrated Leftwing Groups: Judge-led inquiry rules Scotland Yard unit acted in a sexist and racist way and intrusions were not justified

PC Mag Buy or Bootleg: Save Your Favorite Streaming Media by Any Means Necessary: Recent developments in the streaming video business highlight the importance of owning your favorite movies and shows.

Harper's Monopoly Is Theft: The anti-monopolist history of the world’s most popular board game (2012)

Down the Wabbit Hole

Selections from my Wikipedia searches this week...

kulturkampf | Jimmy Carter | lieutenant (navy) | Charles Kingsley | Operation Jericho | Jamie Salé | Viva Las Vegas (song) | manualism | Helmholtz resonance | Nina Simone | Mother Earth (magazine) | Espionage Act of 1917