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You Should Read - Mar 10

You Should Read - Mar 10

Which Side Are You On?

You want to be treated like men? You want to be treated fair? Well, you ain’t men to that coal company. You’re equipment. Like a shovel, a gondola car, a hunk of wood brace. They’ll use you, til you wear out, or you break down, or you’re buried under a slate fall. And then they’ll get a new one… If you stand alone, you’re just so much shit to those people.

Tech workers, you need to understand, you're not special. You're not part of the ruling class. You're just shovels.

Criterion Matewan: All We Got in Common

Five Thirty-Eight The Perks Workers Want Also Make Them More Productive: Now if only corporations would listen...

Animation Magazine Disney Production Workers Unionize, Studio Refuses Voluntary Recognition

LA Times After Twitter Layoffs, California Bill Would Strengthen Protections for Workers: The conduct of mass layoffs at Twitter in recent months provided some of the impetus for proposed legislation affording new protections to laid-off workers.

Collected Ephemera

Little White Lies The Big Lebowski at 25: How Embracing ‘Dudeism’ Can Lead to a Happier Life: Oliver Benjamin, the founder of the world’s “slowest growing” religion, reflects on how the Coen Brothers’ classic crime caper inspired him to start a global movement.

Huffington Post Carrie Fisher Was An Advocate For Women With Mental Illness And Addiction

Mother Jones Inside the Secret Working Group That Helped Push Anti-Trans Laws Across the Country: Leaked emails give a glimpse of the religious-right networks behind transgender healthcare bans.

The New Yorker The Philosopher Who Believes in Living Things: Jane Bennett argues that the stuff that surrounds us isn’t inert—it has a will of its own.

Politico The Privacy Loophole In Your Doorbell: Police were investigating his neighbor. A judge gave officers access to all his security-camera footage, including inside his home.

The Guardian Traute Lafrenz, the Last of the White Rose Anti-Nazi Resistance, Dies Aged 103: Lafrenz was arrested twice by the Gestapo and eventually liberated in April 1945 and settled in the US
⇒ If you haven't read the White Rose leaflets, you should. America should.

David Suzuki We Must Stop Rewarding Destroyers and Punishing Defenders

Defector It’s Not About Hypocrisy

Subjectify Everything Everywhere All at Once Swears That Even Your Worst Life Is Worth Living, and as a Mother, I Want to Believe That

Dave Karpf How Long Does Twitter Have Left?: I give it six months before bankruptcy

The Wabbit Hole

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