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You should read - Apr 8

This week, let's start off with the ephemera—the interesting distractions. All the doom is still there, but let's leave it at the bottom this week.

(I know it seems like I read Vice a lot. I don't. But apparently Reddit does.)

If You Only Read One Thing

  • s4e10: Stages of Transformation (Dan Hon)
    Important insights into how to think about the implications of transformation and improvement on the organizational psychology and behavior of those responsible for prior, less-than-great solutions, and gaining collaboration to make things better. Dan deals with civic technology, but 100% applicable to corporate organizations (they're less different than people like to think.)

Collected Ephemera

American Oligarchy

You should listen - The Iron Dice

The Iron Dice's  is easily my favorite current podcast. From antifascist YouTube sensation Dan Arrows, "The Fight for the Republic" is a narrative history of the post-World War I conflict between Left and Right in proto-Weimar Germany. Gripping and illuminating.

Threads of Note