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You should read - Apr 15

Links collected over this past week, maybe fewer than usual. Taking a break from World War Three and Our Putsch, this time, at least. But those things are still out there.

Collected Ephemera

#@$% the Police

A friend shared the first two articles below which lead to a vigorous and enlightening discussion between us about the purpose of police, police reform, police unions, etc., etc. Hot topic for me, "even" in a suburban California town. We've had multiple police shootings in the surrounding area. More than 50% of some local government budgets are taken up by the police. In my own town, a single recent coordinated smash-and-grab robbery earlier this year resulted in a rush to add $5 million to the police budget. And in NYC, the knee-jerk response to the recent subway shooting was to add a flood of additional transit police—despite the existing 3,500 transit police failing to neither prevent or disrupt the attack nor apprehend the suspect at the scene.

For so many societal problems, "more police" is almost always the answer. But, "more police" is hardly ever the solution.