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You should read - June 24

You should read - June 24

Data Visualization

I've long been interested in data visualization. One of my pet peeves at work is any table that's been inserted using the default settings for borders, probably the result of attending an Edward Tufte seminar years and years ago and remembering his very specific rules for reducing visual noise by minimizing table borders. (I conned an employer into footing the bill specifically because I'd get to keep a set of Tufte's famous books which were included in the admission price.)

Table of Contents for "Seeing with Fresh Eyes"

I need to make more time to get up to speed with the visualization tool, Observable. Everyone so often, one of their feature updates drops into my email and I'm reminded to give them another look. Here are some interesting visualization notebooks from their community:

Collected Ephemera™

Normie bloc is effective! Blending in is good. If the goal is to keep everyone safe, and wearing black bloc has a big chance of escalating, don’t wear black bloc.
The original Lofi Girl
Ahsoka and a lothcat, a lofi girl in a galaxy far, far away
James Baldwin's speaking cadence is perfect
Lofi beats can even get Bart Simpson in the study flow.

And, lastly...

Credit: Tom Gauld