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You should read - June 17

You should read - June 17

Our Putsch

The Jan 6 2021 insurrection failed. But until the ring leaders, including Cheeto Benito, are held accountable, a replay in the future is all but guaranteed.

American Brownshirts

When you see American fascist groups like the Patriot Front would-be-rioters arrested in Idaho, it's easy to laugh at their apparent ineptitude. Don't underestimate the threat. Their increasingly frequent appearance is already getting people killed. Here are some profiles of some of the most prominent groups.

Saving All Sentient Beings

The bodhisattva vow in Mahayana Buddhism begins with "Sentient beings are numberless; I vow to save them all." But, what is "a sentient being"? Many teachers extend sentience broadly. Humans. Other animals. Trees. Rocks, even.

Collected Ephemera

And, finally, a palette cleanser, of a sort.

Even if one can ignore the rabidly bloodthirsty nature of this movie, it is still absolute garbage. The morals of this story are, and I am not exaggerating in the slightest: soldiers should ignore orders to stand down, and you should take actions without thinking about them. Our heroes follow these lessons throughout the story and are constantly rewarded for it. It is a child's understanding of bravery and honor, coated in thick layers of some of the most painfully sentimental slime that Hollywood has ever produced.