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You Should Read - Apr 14

You Should Read - Apr 14

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Seth Godin Kindness Scales (2017)

Rolling Stone ‘How to Blow Up a Pipeline’ Is the Hottest Date Movie of the Season: What could have been a dour exercise in climate moralizing turns out to be an explosive lesson in screen chemistry

NBC News The World Is Running Out of Helium. Here's Why Doctors Are Worried: Liquid helium, the coldest element on Earth, is needed to keep the magnets in MRI machines running. Without it, doctors would lose a critical medical tool.

techdirt After Matt Taibbi Leaves Twitter, Elon Musk ‘Shadow Bans’ All Of Taibbi’s Tweets, Including The Twitter Files

The Drum Advertising Folk, It’s Time to Rethink What We’re Selling: Lisa Merrick-Lawless, co-founder of Purpose Disruptors and the Good Life 2030 project, and Ally Kingston, Good Life 2030 creative lead, share why now is the time to reimagine what a good life in the future really means.

Nautilus The Remarkable Emptiness of Existence

The Washington Post Companies Hate Remote Work — Till It’s Time to Fire You

Techcrunch Alcohol Recovery Startups Monument and Tempest Shared Patients’ Private Data With Advertisers

ProPublica Clarence Thomas and the Billionaire: For over 20 years, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has been treated to luxury vacations by billionaire Republican donar Harlan Crow.
This is the article that broke the news about Justice Thomas's deep, deep corruption. ProPublica's investigative work is what all journalism should aspire to be. It's hard to believe that none of Thomas's fellow justices we unaware this was going on.

The Atlantic Elon Musk Is a Far-Right Activist: One tweet says it all.

The Guardian Taiwan: Jump in Sales for Air Force Badges Showing Bear Punching Winnie-the-Pooh: China’s president, Xi Jinping, is often the subject of internet memes that compare him to the children’s character

Jacobin AOC: The Biden Administration’s Rightward Turn Is “a Profound Miscalculation”: In an interview, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez discusses her call for Clarence Thomas’s impeachment, Joe Biden’s reelection prospects, and the need to dismantle the filibuster.

NPR This Group's Wiped Out $6.7 Billion in Medical Debt, and It's Just Getting Started
If you are interested in participating in this effort, visit ripmedicaldebt.org.

Art News US Copyright Office: AI Generated Works Are Not Eligible for Copyright

We Got This Covered All Studios Featured on Star Wars: Visions Season 2
The first season of Visions concentrated on Japanese anime studios. I really loved the experimentation and range of approaches even within one genre, and the second season looks to continue that. I also love that "canon" has been thrown to the wind, similar to how George Lucas treated everything outside his own work prior to the Disney acquisition. Star Wars is mythology. It's a fairy tale. "A long time ago...", and all that. There should be no "canon". I think taking that approach with the entire franchise would be refreshing and help better differentiate it from Marvel. Continuity is an albatross.

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