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You Should Read - Apr 7

You Should Read - Apr 7

Just One Thing

Waiting for Andor Season 2

At this weekend's Star Wars Celebration convention, Tony Gilroy ballparked the Season 2 premier as August 2024. Until then...

The Hindu Kerala-Born British Actor Varada Sethu on Playing a Rebel in Star Wars Show Andor

Writer's Guild East OnWriting Episode 104, Tony Gilroy, Andor: Host Greg Iwinski talks to Tony Gilroy about Andor, how his music career influenced his work as a screenwriter, why empathy is the key to imagination, the similarities between being a showrunner and a dairy farmer, and more.

Empire Andor Spoiler Special with Tony Gilroy and Diego Luna
(Transcript on the Andor subreddit)

AI Apocalypse

Vice ‘He Would Still Be Here’: Man Dies by Suicide After Talking with AI Chatbot, Widow Says: The incident raises concerns about guardrails around quickly-proliferating conversational AI models.

Ars Technica Stable Diffusion Copyright Lawsuits Could Be a Legal Earthquake for AI: Experts say generative AI is in uncharted legal waters.

source Clearview AI Scraped 30 Billion Images From Facebook and Other Social Media Sites and Gave Them to Cops: it puts everyone into a “perpetual police line-up”

IT Pro Novel Social Engineering Attacks Soar 135% Amid Uptake of Generative AI: 82% of employees are worried about hackers using generative AI to create scam emails

Dirty Barn 75 AI Powered Design Tools to Boost Your Productivity in 2023

Collected Ephemera

The City Participatory Budgeting in NYC Is Happening Right Now. Here’s How to Make Your Voice Heard: The period for residents to vote on which projects their local City Council member will fund runs through April 2.

The Telegraph Plants Cry Out When They Need Watering - but Humans Can’t Hear Them: Scientists find recordings of plants show they make occasional ultrasonic popping noises likely heard by insects and mammals

Scientific American People Think Minority Groups Are Bigger Than They Really Are: Overestimating minority populations can lead to reduced support for diversity and inclusion programs
Imagine thinking 1/3 of Americans lived in New York City. <facepalm>

Matthew Ström Creating a Positive Workplace Community: Your workplace community — the way you interact with your coworkers every day — can have a major impact on your productivity, happiness, and self-worth. It’s natural to want to shape the community in ways that might make you feel more comfortable. But how can you shape it?

The New York Times The Finnish Secret to Happiness? Knowing When You Have Enough: The Nordic nation has been ranked the happiest country on earth for six consecutive years. But when you talk to individual Finns, the reality is a bit more complicated.

The Intercept Tasked With Stopping Terror, Colorado’s Intel Agency Monitors Students Protesting Gun Violence: The Colorado Information Analysis Center alerted authorities to an activist group organizing walkouts in response to school shootings.

Fortune Secret Limits to Stop ‘Suspicious’ Xanax and Adderall Orders Are Forcing Some Legitimate Patients to Scramble: Patients diagnosed with conditions like anxiety and sleep disorders have become caught in the crosshairs of America’s opioid crisis, as secret policies mandated by a national opioid settlement have turned filling legitimate prescriptions into a major headache.

Dangerous Minds More Cover Songs From the Man Behind Orkestra Obsolete’s ‘Blue Monday’
I occasionally do some hunting to find additional work from the elusive Orkestra Obsolete. Mostly, I find nothing. But this week I hit gold. If you're not familiar, here's the masterpiece:

The Wabbit Hole

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