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You Should Read - Dec 9

You Should Read - Dec 9

Just One Thing

The latest Pop Culture Detective video essay goes a long way in explaining why I no longer enjoy Marvel movies, never really like super hero comics, and responded so strongly to Star Wars: Andor.

Collected Ephemera

@ifixcoinops How to follow Mastodon accounts using RSS

The Drive Kia’s Logo Is So Confusing That 30K People Google ‘KN Car’ Every Month: Kia’s new logo has hundreds of people Googling the brand incorrectly every day.
(The new logo throws me off every time I see it. It'd be fascinated to get the back story on the organizational culture that resulted in this decision. Was this the result of a non-designer executive following personal preference, or a design executive embracing the magical thinking of "creative confidence"?)

Harper's Bazaar The Beauty and Freedom of Black Punks: Black people have always been a part of punk music. Harper’s Bazaar gathers a multigenerational group of artists to talk about the endless creativity of the Black punk scene.

Farnam Street The Antilibrary: Why Unread Books Are The Most Important

Automattic Introducing Twenty Twenty-Three
(Each year's new default WordPress template is an interesting encapsulation of the Internet design zeitgeist.)

Washington Post When My Father Died, I Discovered the Unmentionable Stage of Mourning: Relief: I was troubled by this feeling. But it’s more common than you think.

Vox Can Socialists and Liberals Get Along?: A new case for socialism reveals the ways liberals and socialists need each other — and why they have so much trouble getting along. From 2019

Axios China Loses Grip on Global Manufacturing

Hong Kong Free Press ‘That’s the End of It’: Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Civic Party to Fold After No Nominees Received for Exec. Committee: Civic Party chairman Alan Leong told HKFP on Monday that the party had received no nominations for the next executive committee by the deadline and was left with no choice but to take steps to disband pending a final vote.

NPR Japan's Disney Store Sells Merchandise of Winnie the Pooh Supporting China's Protests: Japan's Disney store is selling merchandise featuring Winnie the Pooh holding up a sheet of blank white paper, a symbol of the anti-government protests in China.

The New Yorker Are You the Same Person You Used to Be?: Researchers have studied how much of our personality is set from childhood, but what you’re like isn’t who you are.
(Buddha's answer: "No")

Tricycle Forgiveness Is Not Buddhist: Buddhist teachings do not advise asking others to absolve us from our misdeeds. Instead, they outline a path to purification that will change our relationship to reactive patterns.

The Wabbit Hole

Selections from my Wikipedia searches this week...

Ken McLeod | phonograph cylinder | Cloud Gate | Anish Kapoor | Johnny Got His Gun | Dalton Trumbo | Fred Hampton | Black Panther Party | Ten-Point Program (Black Panther Party) | Zumwalt-class destroyer | artificial stone | Mr. Bungle | Jake Hanrahan | FGC-9 | Truth and Reconciliation Commission (South Africa)