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You Should Read - Dec 16

You Should Read - Dec 16

Just One Thing

Darrell Owens The Allure of San Fran-Sicko: It’s a very alluring book. It’s quite a convenient book. But it’s a very stupid book.

Homelessness and housing affordability are a huge problem in California. This post does a great job of outlining the complexity of solving it, how it intersects with other issues such as mental health and taxation policy and and why solutions embedded in bromides and platitudes and won't work.

Collected Ephemera

Internet Archive Scholar Fulltext search index of over 25 million research articles and other scholarly documents preserved in the Internet Archive.

Figma Persona 2022: What’s your creative collaboration style?
(Clever use of Figma's "Figjam" product. My persona result - Canvas Captain - was both frighteningly accurate - "You navigate complexity with your big ideas..." - and hilariously off - "Your mind is open, and your desk is neatly kept!")

Upworthy Twitter Thread Dispels Myth About Famous Billionaires Starting Out From Nothing: The truth about most so-called 'self-made' millionaires and billionaires is that they started off from privileged positions that gave them a significant leg up.
(Remember, Elon Musk is the scion of an apartheid-era South African mining magnet and has bought into nearly every startup he claims to have founded.)

Forbes ESG: It’s Not Ideology, It’s Economics

Harvard Business Review How to Fix Collaboration Overload: The burden of tackling collaboration overload often falls on employees to be more intentional about their approach to work, but the responsibility lies with organizations as well.

Techspot Study Shows Remote Workers Are Becoming More, Not Less Engaged: Remote meetings are becoming shorter but more frequent

Vice CYBER The Invisible Workforce that Makes AI Possible: AI Isn’t Artificial or Intelligent, it’s powered by underpaid workers in foreign countries.

The Intercept The Railroad Fight Was the Product of Eight Years of Militant Rank-And-File Organizing: Railroad unions haven’t been known for putting up a fight since the 19th century, but newly radicalized workers forced their way into the national conversation.

Vanity Fair Ke Huy Quan’s True Hollywood Comeback: Indiana Jones and The Goonies made him a child star in the ’80s. Then Hollywood forgot about him. Nearly 40 years later, Quan opens up about Everything Everywhere All at Once and the part that took a lifetime to find.

Southern Poverty Law Center White Nationalists, Other Republicans Brace for ‘Total War’: A collection of radical right figures including white nationalists and ultranationalist European leaders gathered in Manhattan for the New York Young Republican Club’s (NYYRC) annual gala Saturday night, where that group’s president declared “total war” on perceived enemies.

Reddit Visible Mending: "The fact that caring for our things would destroy our ecnomy says a lot about our economy."

Fonts in Use "Extremely large problem" billboard

Dicebreaker RPG featuring public domain comic book art was inspired by Star Wars and The Outer Worlds
(I have no idea if this is a fun game, but it looks amazing.)

The Wabbit Hole

Selections from my Wikipedia searches this week...

Angus King | Abel Meeropol | Becky Chambers | Abolitionism in the United Kingdom | 1956 Poznań protests | Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest? | sealioning