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You Should Read - Mar 17

You Should Read - Mar 17

Just One Thing

The Silences Between: On the Perils and Pitfalls of Translation: From literature to films and advertising, when it comes to translation, the opportunities for misinterpretation are rife.

Collected Ephemera

Popular Science Microsoft lays off entire AI ethics team while going all out on ChatGPT: A new report indicates Microsoft will expand AI products, but axe the people who make them ethical.

The Guardian ‘We’ve lost the right to be pessimistic’: Patagonia treads fine line tackling climate crisis as for-profit company: The company is one of the largest outdoor apparel brands globally, but it has long grappled with how growth can contradict environmental activism

Decider It Took Me Nearly 40 Years To Stop Resenting Ke Huy Quan

Rhizome Network A Brief History of Consensus Decision-Making
I only recently learned that there is an actual method to consensus decision-making. It's not just an disorderly scrum of arguments.

San Francisco Chronicle ‘The New Normal Is Hybrid’: How S.F. Compares With Other Cities in Offering Remote Work

The Intercept Amazon’s Twitter Army Was Handpicked for “Great Sense of Humor,” Leaked Document Reveals: Amazon ambassadors were trained to defend Jeff Bezos and clap back at Bernie Sanders under a program code-named “Veritas.”

Ars Technica Authors Risk Losing Copyright if AI Content Is Not Disclosed, US Guidance Says: Copyright Office will field public input during listening sessions this spring.

Mayo Clinic Seasonal Affective Disorder Treatment: Choosing a Light Box: Light therapy boxes can offer an effective treatment for seasonal affective disorder. Features such as light intensity, safety, cost and style are important considerations.

Washington Post An Adderall Shortage Hasn’t Let Up. Here’s Why.: Telehealth made access to ADHD drugs easier for many. But a shortage has put the spotlight on virtual prescribing and supply chain issues.

The Wabbit Hole

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