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You Should Read - Mar 31

You Should Read - Mar 31

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LA Times Column: Silicon Valley Elites Are Afraid. History Says They Should Be.
I was not aware of the extent of violent opposition to tech contributions to the Vietnam War. 21st Century Left-wing protest movements have mostly embraced non-violence. As fascists continue to make gains and the stakes become more clear, particularly in respect to climate changes, we'll see how long that lasts.

Science Direct Pediatric Instant Noodle Burns: A Ten-Year Single Center Retrospective Study
We eat a lot of instant ramen in my house. It's gotten hard to find in the local grocery store, at least the bulk packaging. Every few months, I order two cases from Costco.

Fortune Remote Work Gains Momentum Despite Return-to-Office Mandates From High-Profile CEOs: The shift to remote work is gaining momentum in some of America’s largest metro areas, despite increasing pressure from corporate chiefs for employees to return to the office, according to new data from an international team of economists.

Vox It’s Still Possible to Get What You Want at Work: The era of worker power isn’t over.
Over? Over? It's just begun.

Salon What Does Peter Thiel Want? He's Building the Right-Wing Future, Piece by Piece: Everywhere but barely visible, the billionaire investor may have more clout in MAGA world than Donald Trump

Wired The Fight to Expose Corporations’ Real Impact on the Climate: Most carbon emissions caused by businesses are hidden from sight. US and California regulators are pushing to require companies fully disclose them.

The New Yorker How Christian Is Christian Nationalism?: Many Americans who advocate it have little interest in religion and an aversion to American culture as it currently exists. What really defines the movement?

Citizens for Ethics Black Lives Matter Faced an Extreme Police Response. The January 6th Mob Was Met With Something Completely Different.

Vanity Fair “I’ll Walk Away From Anything”: Kara Swisher Calls the Shots: The ultimate media insider is juggling podcasts, writing a memoir, and texting with “half the planet.”

Alice Minium The Dark Reality Behind America’s Greatest Thrift Store Empire: How a Saturday night internet wormhole effectively ruined my favorite store.

Lion's Roar The Luminous Dharma of “Everything Everywhere All at Once”: Sean Feit Oakes explores the dharmic lessons of emptiness and compassion in the Oscar-winning film Everything Everywhere All at Once.

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