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You should read - June 3

You should read - June 3

Just one thing

America's impotence in the face of gun violence continues to dominate my thinking. As of June 2, there had been at least 20 mass shootings since the Uvalde massacre. The answers are right there in front of us. Yet, we are held hostage by the death cult that is the Republican Party.

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Reasonableness is a slow method of failure in which the first step is to concede half of the goal up front, the turning point is losing the passion and backing of the most enthusiastic supporters to disillusionment, and the final step is poisoning the well for future efforts by providing a cautionary example of defeat.

Cancel Your Prime

Collected Ephemera

Enough talk. Act.

Wear Orange Weekend is June 3-5

This year's March For Our Lives is June 22 in Washington, DC.