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You should read - June 10

You should read - June 10

I'm taking a break from sturm und drang this week.

Just one thing

How to Be a Protagonist When You’re Not the Chosen One and the World is Unsaveable - Samit Basu, Tor.com

You’re having trouble really fitting into your protagonist role. The world you’re in looks like it can’t be saved. Nobody’s declared you the Chosen One, and your attempts to self-declare seem a little off to the people around you, or even to yourself. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Collected ephemera

...commodification of an identity and its attendant struggle can have dramatic pitfalls. Of course, we should want and expect every aspect of our society—especially the sports world—to be welcome and opening to LGBTQ people. But one result of commodification is that we start to confuse corporate representation with actual political and social progress.
...these platforms still remain constrained by their structures as for-profit companies with a duty to their shareholders. Whether Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk (if the Twitter deal goes through) are acting in the best interest of the public as they lead their respective companies is missing the larger point: They should never have such unchecked power. To allow such is to enter a future where the public is vulnerable to billionaires’ whims...
[Dogen said,] you can understand all of Buddhism, but you cannot go beyond your abilities and your intelligence unless you have robai-shin, grandmother mind, the mind of great compassion.

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